How You Can Use Ingenuity to Survive

During the past decades, we were always taught to believe that education is the key to job security. Now it is beginning to be apparent that mere education alone is not enough. These days, everybody is educated and work is suddenly being outsourced more and more to other countries with lower purchasing power. Large companies whom we thought all this time were stable are now not living up to expectations. Jobs are getting harder to come by and we know we can’t just sit around and wait until things change.

There is a remarkable story of a man in Canada who was working as a cleaning man until he broke his back and suffered paralysis in both legs. His family was still young with two children ages five and two. Though his doctors assured him that he might still regain movement of his legs with years of therapy, this Canadian man knew he couldn’t wait for things to change. So he learned to work with his hands and his mind instead.

While lying in bed he started researching business ventures he could afford financially and would be able to manage in his current condition. After months of Internet research and phone calls, he came up with the idea of starting his own cleaning business. He had not found any other business that would be as easy and as cheap to set up. Plus, since he use to clean houses himself, he already had a basic understanding of the industry. So, he started with nothing more than a phone and a phonebook, dialing each residence starting with “A”, offering them cleaning services. He got a lot of hang-ups and “no’s”, but there were some interested people too. After securing his first job, he called up a few friends he knew from work and offered them part time work. Then he invested $50, his starting capital in this business venture, to buy cleaning materials. From that first project he cleared 40% of the gross revenue and made a profit while lying in bed just using the telephone. He repeated the same procedure several times a day and today he’s earning a good living weekly while working for only up to four hours a day in the comfort of his home.

Business opportunities like these are often overlooked because it involves dirty, manual labor. Also, many people have the false impression that thriving businesses must have spacious offices and hundreds of employees. Too many times this theory has been disproved, though.

To help you search for unique opportunities such as this example right in your own area, you must first identify a need that people cannot live without, such as food or shelter or the maintenance of the shelter. As a perfect example, in Dallas the soil is mostly clay. Clay is known for it’s tendency to shrink and contract constantly, based on its exposure to moisture, heat and cold. With this type of soil, the pipes are constantly stressed and can tend to crack or burst. This allows sludge and debris to enter the pipes, clogging them. This problem creates a definite need in the marketplace for the Dallas area. As a result, plumbing repair and replacement are constantly in demand in Dallas, Texas. So what do you think would be a lucrative business opportunity in Dallas? Yes, you got it right- a Dallas plumber.

You, too, can have a successful business in your own area by first doing research and observation to identify the need and demand and then using ingenuity to find a way to fill that need.

What Is ISL Uranium Mining

In situ leach mining (ISL), also known as in-situ mining or solution mining, was first used as a means to extract low grades of uranium from ore in underground mines. First used in Wyoming in the 1950s, originally as a low production experiment at the Lucky June mine, it became a high-production, low cost method of fulfilling Atomic Energy Commission uranium requirements at Utah Construction Company’s Shirley Basin mining operations in the 1960s. Pioneered through the efforts of Charles Don Snow, a uranium mining and exploration geologist employed by Utah, many of his developments are still used today in ISL mining.

What is ISL mining? According to the Wyoming Mining Association website, ISL mining is explained in the following manner. (We choose Wyoming because it is the birthplace of “solution mining” as it was originally called.)

“In-situ mining is a noninvasive, environmentally friendly mining process involving minimal surface disturbance which extracts uranium from porous sandstone aquifers by reversing the natural processes which deposited the uranium.

To be mined in situ, the uranium deposit must occur in permeable sandstone aquifers. These sandstone aquifers provide the “plumbing system” for both the original emplacement and the recovery of the uranium. The uranium was emplaced by weakly oxidizing ground water which moved through the plumbing systems of the geologic formation. To effectively extract uranium deposited from ground water, a company must first thoroughly define this plumbing system and then designs well fields that best fit the natural hydro-geological conditions.

Detailed mapping techniques, using geophysical data from standard logging tools, have been developed by uranium companies. These innovative mapping methods define the geologic controls of the original solutions, so that these same routes can be retraced for effective in situ leaching of the ore. Once the geometry of the ore bodies is known, the locations of injection and recovery wells are planned to effectively contact the uranium. This technique has been used in several thousand wells covering hundreds of acres.

Following the installation of the well field, a leaching solution (or lixiviant), consisting of native ground water containing dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide, is delivered to the uranium-bearing strata through the injection wells. Once in contact with the mineralization, the lixiviant oxidizes the uranium minerals, which allows the uranium to dissolve in the ground water. Production wells, located between the injection wells, intercept the pregnant lixiviant and pump it to the surface. A centralized ion-exchange facility extracts the uranium from the barren lixiviant, stripped of uranium, is regenerated with oxygen and carbon dioxide and recirculated for continued leaching. The ion exchange resin, which becomes ‘loaded’ with uranium, it is stripped or eluted. Once eluted, the ion exchange resin is returned to the well field facility.

During the mining process, slightly more water is produced from the ore-bearing formation than is reinjected. This net withdrawal, or ‘bleed,’ produces a cone of depression in the mining area, controlling fluid flow and confining it to the mining zone. The mined aquifer is surrounded, both laterally and above and below, by monitor wells which are frequently sampled to ensure that all mining fluids are retained within the mining zone. The ‘bleed’ also provides a chemical bleed on the aquifer to limit the buildup of species like sulfate and chloride which are affected by the leaching process. The ‘bleed’ water is treated for removal of uranium and radium. This treated water is then disposed of through waste water land application, or irrigation. A very small volume of radioactive sludge results; this sludge is disposed of at an NRC licensed uranium tailings facility.

The ion exchange resin is stripped of its uranium, and the resulting rich eluate is precipitated to produce a yellow cake slurry. This slurry is dewatered and dried to a final drummed uranium concentrate.

At the conclusion of the leaching process in a well field area, the same injection and production wells and surface facilities are used for restoration of the affected ground water. Ground water restoration is accomplished in three ways. First, the water in the leach zone is removed by “ground water sweep”, and native ground water flows in to replace the removed contaminated water. The water which is removed is again treated to remove radionuclides and disposed of in irrigation. Second, the water which is removed is processed to purify it, typically with reverse osmosis, and the pure water is injected into the affected aquifer. This reinjection of very pure water results in a large increment of water quality improvement in a short time period. Third, the soluble metal ions which resulted from the oxidation of the ore zone are chemically immobilized by injecting a reducing chemical into the ore zone, immobilizing these constituents in situ. Ground water restoration is continued until the affected water is suitable for its pre-mining use.

Throughout the leaching and restoration processes, a company ensures the isolation of the leach zone by careful well placement and construction. The well fields are extensively monitored to prevent the contamination of other aquifers.

Once mining is complete, the aquifer is restored by pumping fresh water through the aquifer until the ground water meets the pre-mining use.

In situ mining has several advantages over conventional mining. First, the environmental impact is minimal, as the affected water is restored at the conclusion of mining. Second, it is lower cost, allowing Wyoming’s low grade deposits to compete globally with the very high grade deposits of Canada. Finally the method is safe and proven, resulting in minimal employee exposure to health risks.”

ISL mining may be the wave of the future of U.S. uranium mining, or it may become an interim mining measure, in areas where the geology is appropriate for IS. Until sufficient quantities of uranium are required by U.S. utilities to fuel the country’s demand for nuclear energy, ISL mining may remain the leading uranium mining method in the United States. At some point, an overwhelming need for uranium for the nuclear fuel cycle may again put ISL mining in the backseat, and uranium miners may return to conventional mining methods, such as open pit mining.

The Importance of Having a Home Inspection

Are you planning to sell of your home? Do you think there are things that need a few repairs? Not confident with the overall function of your home? Then having your home pre-inspected would be best for you. You may think that this is unnecessary and it may seem to be an additional burden on your part to handle an inspection before selling your home. But believe me; you wouldn’t want to shut down a deal just because your potential customer’s inspectors have found several flaws in your home. So to avoid having incidents like these, you can always hire a good inspector to check you’re for sale by owner home.

The basic task of an inspector is to ensure that there are flaws in your homes and those major and minor flaws are taken care of beforehand. A few the things that inspectors look into are the home base or the exterior of the home that would include the walls, roof, windows, doors and the garage. Inspectors have to see to it that the base of the home is safe and not prone to devastating accidents like collapsing or cracking. Wood finishing’s like cabinets, windows, windows and other wooden interiors must be free from termites and must be sturdy. They also have to look into the interiors, the appliances as well as other fixtures present in your home.

Inspectors also look into plumbing, electrical system, heating and air conditioning systems to ensure that all these are functioning. Hazard objects, fire safety and earth quake safety precautions are also considered to make sure that the home is safe for the new owners. Once inspections are done, you will now have a full report of the flaws and the things that you need to alter.

Plumbing, electrical systems, leaks and bathroom problems are just a few of the common things that you will have to attend to. They may be a bit expensive, but if you do not attend to these matters, it may turn out to be a matter that might put your sale at risk. So make this as a way for you to increase your potential to make a sale.

As a seller, you have the responsibility to please your potential customers and make sure that you’re FSBO home is able to meet their standards. There will always be times, if not all the time, your client will bring along an inspector to ensure that what they’re about to purchase is a good sale, and since you have done your own research and your own inspection you are now able to control and change the things that needs to be changed and in that way there will be lesser flaw and repairs that their inspector will be able to take note of.

As a result, you will now be able to make a great sale and not only will it be beneficial for you, but for the next owner of your home. Don’t wait till your wall collapses when your client comes; don’t wait till your problems are too late to be corrected. Always think beforehand and manage the things before it gets worst, this may be one of the best ways for you to make a quick sale.

Great Improvement Options For Your Bathroom

One of the most unfortunate things about the attitude of homeowners is their apparent lack of concern and failure to give due importance to one of the most important part of the home – the bathroom. Most of us don’t give it much importance and attention and in terms of priorities, it will have to take the backseat as other sections must be attended first before working on the bathroom.

There is a need for us to change our home improvement perspective and give this part of our home the importance and recognition it really deserves. In fact, more and more people are developing the proper attitude of carefully selecting the design elements that are most appropriate for the bathroom. The bathroom makeover does not only involve keeping it immaculately clean at all times. You can use your creativity and imagination in giving your bathroom the character and appeal that match and seamlessly blend with the theme of your interior design.

You can attain elegance in your bathroom by adding design elements such as bubble bath and scented candles. You can even add music and a glass of your favorite wine to give your bathroom its unique character. In transforming this section of your home into a focal point of your interior design, you must have to consider the following design guidelines and home improvement ground rules.

The basic variable that you must have to consider is the availability of space in your bathroom. You must have to assess if the available space is enough to accommodate both the shower and bath. This is the ideal in as far as bathroom design is concerned. However, conditions may limit your design options as you will have to work with limited space. If you are facing such condition in your home improvement task then you may have to opt for a bath that is outfitted with a shower head in order to attain the functionality that you want in your bathroom without compromising the interior design requirements.

If you are afforded with greater choices in your real estate property then you will surely enhance the appeal and, ergo, intrinsic value of your investment. People will be willing to pay more for the premium features of your real estate property.

Another important element that you must consider in your bathroom design is color. You must have to develop a strong sense of appreciation and understanding of color balance and combination. It is also crucial that your color choices are able to evoke the relaxed and light aura in your bathroom. Interior design experts consider white and soft color tones as safe options for a wide range of interior design themes. The color options are also practical choices as it makes cleaning a lot easier as you can easily seen the grime and dirt that have to be removed on a regular basis.

The third most important elements that must be taken into account in the design of the bathroom are the plumbing fixtures. It is important that you select the type of plumbing fixtures and materials that match the tiles and bath. There has to be continuity in all the elements of your bathroom and by this we mean that all fixtures and items in your bathroom must fit nicely together.

Proper consideration of all these variables will ensure that you are able to transform your bathroom into a critical and significant element in the overall interior design of your dream home.

Heating Services in Toronto – A Must Have for Any Person or Company

Toronto, the provincial capital of Ontario, Canada is known for its low winter temperatures. Located on the shore of Lake Ontario, winter temperature often does not rise above −10 °C or 14 °F. In addition, these temperatures seem even lower because of the cold winds that come from the lake, which is why people understand the necessity of having a professional heating system installed. Those who live in this area as well as business owners hire professional heating services in Toronto to help them overcome the winter cold successfully. Few people know that an important part of the lakeshore area of the city was artificially built in the 19th century, so the city is often affected by fog, lake-effect snow and the spring comes later than in other parts of the country. To this extent, everyone living here needs to have a functional heating system that will be able to cope with the demands imposed by the local climate.

Even Toronto plumbing services are done in agreement with the climatic conditions, to withstand all the natural challenges. Those who live in residential neighbourhood often choose radiant infloor heating, to allow them to heat their homes as good as possible. Many of their homes are Edwardian and Victorian-era buildings, found in neighbourhoods such as Cabbagetown, Yorkville and others. Often enough, their heating systems need to be replaced because they can break off in the middle of the winter. Toronto actually has companies that offer round the clock heating repairs. Of course, not only residents of this city hire heating services, but business owners too. Many people have a business at the Toronto Eaton Centre, one of the largest shopping malls in this city and they often require repairs at their heating installations. Museums need to be properly heated in order to keep the visitors warm. Whether one may visit the Gardiner Museum on Queens’s Park Street or the Ontario Science Centre on Don Mills Road, they will be glad to know they work with reliable mechanics and plumbers to ensure their heating system is operating constantly.

Those who are planning to move to this city will definitely need to talk with a Toronto plumbing company and check their heating system to make sure everything functions properly and they will not have any unpleasant surprises. Whether you want to buy a house in one of the city’s neighbourhood or you want to open a business in the city centre, heat is something that should not be overlooked. One thing is for sure, heating services are very popular in the City of Toronto. There are many professional companies that offer people quality and reliable services round the clock. Whether you want to change your entire system or you just want to do a regular maintenance to make sure everything functions properly, you can rely on the fact that you will definitely find a professional company in this city. Heating services in this city can be found easily, so those who are new in Toronto should have no problems in finding someone professional to take care of everything they need.

Health Insurance for Canadian Immigrants

One of the first things you’ll want to do after arriving is apply for health insurance cards for every member of your family. Applications are available in many places, including doctor’s offices and pharmacies. These cards allow you to receive care through the Canadian health insurance program for the following services:

o Examination and treatment by physicians and most specialists

o Many types of surgery

o Hospitalization

o X-rays and laboratory tests

o Immunizations

You will not have to pay for these services, these expenses are covered by the taxes that you will be paying as a working Canadian permanent resident.

In most provinces in Canada, you can begin receiving medical coverage as soon as you apply. In Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and British Columbia, however, you must wait 3-months from the date you apply for your coverage to begin. In the meantime, short-term health insurance is available through private companies.

You may also want to ask potential employers about their health coverage options as well. Many employers provide additional health insurance benefits that cover expenses, such as prescription drugs and dental care.

Social Insurance Number

Before you begin working in Canada, you need to have a Social Insurance Number (SIN). This 9-digit number is used to help you receive the social benefits you are entitled to as a Canadian permanent resident and to ensure that you are paying taxes to help support those benefits.

To apply for a SIN, you should visit a local office of the Human Resources and Skills Development (HRSD) to complete an application. You should also bring along your Permanent Resident card to proof your identity and your residency status.

The cost of application is $10, and it takes about three weeks for you to receive your card.

You can begin working before your receive your SIN card, however. You simply need to provide your employer with proof that you have applied.


In most cases, you will also want to begin searching for work almost immediately. It is possible to have a position lined up even before you apply for permanent resident status, but chances are that you’ll be unemployed when you first arrive.

Depending on the type of work you are searching for, you may first need to apply for permission to engage in that profession. In Canada, some careers are classified as regulated fields. These fields included doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc. In order to obtain work in these areas, you will need to contact the regulatory office in the province where you intend to work. The regulations vary from province to province.

The regulatory board will have to evaluate your experience and credentials then decide whether you need to take further steps to meet their standards.

Some trades, such as carpenter or plumber, are also considered to be regulated. Therefore, you must make sure that you have the appropriate licensing before attempting to work in those fields. Carpentry and plumbing, as well as 43 other trades, are considered Red Seal Trades. This means that the regulations for that trade are the same in all provinces. Therefore, if you are a licensed welder in Quebec, you can also do that type of work in New Brunswick without having to go through another assessment.

Fortunately, the majority of jobs in Canada are non-regulated, so you can begin searching for a position in your chosen field as soon as you arrive.

One of the best ways to find a position in Canada is to use the Job Bank service. This online site allows you to post up to 3 employee profiles that can be viewed by employers. You can also view postings placed by employers throughout Canada. The daily newspapers in all of the provinces also include job listings.

Quick Fix Solutions For Home Buyers

There is a lot of annoying problems that may put a damper on the initial excitement you might have once you get yourself settled in your dream home. Thus, it is essential that you learn some quick fix solutions to these most common problems that you might encounter in your home. You don’t have to hire the services of professionals every time you encounter problems in your home as you can resolve majority of these domestic issues on your own.

Squeaky Flooring

Have you had encountered problems with squeaky floors in your home? You don’t have to endure that annoying sound any longer and cringe each time you hear that tell-tale sound. In fact, this is one of the easiest problems to solve. A simple application of graphite powder along the seams of your flooring can eliminate the squeaks you hear in your flooring. As soon as the graphite powder fills the gaps in the floor, the squeaky sound will stop. On the other hand, if this does not solve the problem, try using finishing screws and nails to reduce the gap and eliminate the movement in your flooring. After doing this, fill the remaining space with wood filler.

Clogged Bathroom Sink

In most cases of clogged bathroom sink, you don’t have to hire the services of a plumber. Simply remove the assembly found at the back portion of your sink by unscrewing the ball and socket component. Remove the long rod and the stopper. This will automatically release whatever material or debris that are lodged in this part of the plumbing. Thoroughly clean and reassemble the components of your sink.

Unsightly Scratches in fine Woodwork

You don’t have to sand and re-stain the woodwork in order to remove those scratches and restore its fine surface finish. You can eliminate those fine but unsightly scratches by simply applying a thin coat of polishing compound such as Briwax.

Loose Set Screws

Set screws found in a lot of home fixtures tend to loosen up over time. This problem usually affects set screws of doors, cabinets and even door knobs. Simply apply locktight adhesives on the set screws to prevent them from loosening up. If the screw threads are already stripped, wrap it with cotton thread following a clockwise direction before you reinsert it.

Unpleasant smell

In most instances, the carpet or furniture may be the source of unpleasant smell inside your home. You can instantly remove the foul odor by pouring a small amount of vanilla extract onto the filter of your furnace. The fresh scent can then replace the foul smell once the blower sucks in fresh air inside the home. This is a practical technique that you can use especially if you regularly entertain and allow prospective buyers to check the interior of your home.

Wobbly Chair Legs

Guests falling off a shaky chair because of wobbling chair legs can be one of the most embarrassing and dangerous incidents that may happen in your home. Gluing back the stretcher can immediately solve the problem and prevent such mishaps from happening. Simply apply a carpenter’s glue with slow-setting properties. Clamp down the affected chair legs and allow it to set for at least 12 hours.

Noisy Fan in the Bathroom

The rattling sound emanating from your bathroom fan may indicate a more serious underlying problem although, in most cases, it can also be due to simple problems such as a loose fan cover. If such is the case, then you can easily resolve the problem. Switch off the circuit breaker before you start your work on the bathroom fan. Remove the fan cover and bend the hinges until it grips tightly onto the ceiling.

Customize Your Toilet With A Handheld Bidet Toilet Seat

I had never heard of a handheld bidet until two weeks ago. Most people know about the European-style bidet toilets that have been popular in many continental European countries for many many years, but have only recently become popular in the United States and Canada. Everybody likes the idea of the ultimate cleansing and hygiene experience, but not everybody has the space in the toilet to add a standalone bidet.

Bidet toilet seats like the Toto Washlet S300 are not a viable option for many people, due to the fact that they will cost you US$700 or more, plus the electrical and plumbing work required to install it. Don’t get me wrong, if you can afford one, this is a fantastic bidet toilet seat that will provide many years of service and has some of the most technologically advanced cleaning and drying technology anywhere in the world. But is there an alternative?

Well the answer is a definite yes! With minimal installation work, a handheld bidet can very quickly be installed into your existing toilet, and although it will not provide the warm water massaging wash that the Washlet toilet seat will, or drying facility, or lift and close the toilet seat automatically, it will provide you with a good quality cleaning facility for a fraction of the price. There are a couple of different models with different installation methods.

One type draws its water from the toilet tank at the top, and uses a battery-powered pump to provide the water pressure. This means you do not have to start tapping into the pressure fed water supply to your toilet tank. The manufacturers state that installation can take a matter of minutes.

The second type requires you to turn off your water supply to the toilet before installation. Most toilets will have a stopcock or tap just above the floor level which will allow you to easily turn it off here. If it does not, you may need to isolate the water supply to your house. All that is involved then is removing the copper pipe work from above the tap to where it enters the bottom of the toilet tank, and replacing it with a braided flexible hose which has a T piece that provides a feed off to the handheld bidet.

These hand held bidets are very much like a shower head and I do not need to go into detail about how one would use it. This is self-explanatory. You can pick one of these up for under $60 and they generally have a nice mounting kit for the handheld bidet handset to sit when not in use.

I bought one and have found it to be extremely adequate. You can even wash your hair with it!!

CRA Interest Rates, Penalties and Prosecution OR Low Rate Home Equity Loan?

One common financial problem we run into is individuals who have income tax debt with the Canada Revenue Agency. Generally those who have an income tax debt outstanding with the CRA fall into two categories:

1. They are not paying because they believe they don’t owe the money.
2. They think they do not have the resources to pay off the CRA.

In both cases, the best answer is to raise the money to pay off your tax debt. The primary reason we say this is because as long as you owe the CRA money they will continue to compound interest and penalties and will also pursue you for the money. This could include freezing your bank account, garnishing your wages or even placing a lien on your home.

Homeowners are in an especially precarious position because the very mention of a tax lien or tax problem could cause the bank to call in their mortgages.

So who will loan money to a homeowner with a tax problem? Homeowners in Brampton, Mississauga and other urban centres have more options than those in rural areas. Outside of major banks and financial institutions, there are many mortgage investment corporations and private lenders who approve a home equity loans to homeowners who have an income tax problem.

We reiterate that these companies and individuals are more likely to approve this type of financing when the property is located in an urban centre and is on city plumbing.

What’s most important is that you do not wait. The longer you sit on your tax debt the greater the problem will become. It simply will not go away by itself. If you are a homeowner, contact a mortgage broker who is seasoned in dealing with individuals who have tax problems, this could save you big!

Installing a Septic System

Septic systems are commonly installed in rural and cottage areas. Waterfront properties often tend to be more of a challenge for septic installation due to the moist soil. Depending on the soil conditions, the system may not be as efficient in treating the wastewater and harmful bacteria may enter your system. It is imperative to know what you are doing when installing a septic system. If you have any doubts, call a licensed professional.

A trip to the local municipal office needs to be made in order to acquire any permits and guidelines. This includes the proper size of tank which is determined by the number of persons in the household. If the municipal office is not able to help, measure the size for your property and then ask a home inspector.

You must decide what type of tank you want. Concrete is the most common choice, but plastic tanks are now becoming more popular. Plastic tanks are more easily handled because they are lighter in weight and they do not break down over time as fast as concrete.

Placement of the tank on the property must be determined. A home inspector can help determine the distance required from the house, property lines, and water frontage-etc. A field bed will also be required. This is the place where the waste water can be filtered. It has to be a size that will properly correspond with the size of the septic tank. It also needs to be composed of the proper soil or sand. Make sure that you do not forget to get the proper construction permits or all your efforts will be wasted.

Once you have made the measurements, make sure that you have an inspector double check everything before you begin. An inspector will request that a “perc test” be done. This test is performed in order to see how long it takes for water to filter through the soil. This will determine if anything has to be added to your soil to prepare it for the system. Once the ‘perc test’ is approved, the time to dig has finally arrived.

Unless you have had experience installing a septic system, you should hire a professional to come to your property to dig the hole for the septic tank. Once the hole has been dug, the septic tank is to be lowered into the hole, making sure it is level by shoveling in a bit of rock or gravel to firm the base into place. At the same time, have the field bed dug out to the specifications established by the inspector.

Now it is time to lay out the PVC pipe that will connect your homes plumbing system to the septic tank. Make sure that all of the connections are tight so that there are no leaks. Once the system is connected and fully sealed, test your work by flushing the toilet to see if there are any signs of leaks. Depending on your municipality rules, you may be required to have another inspection.

When the inspection is complete, add soil around the septic tank and pipes. Leave the hatch uncovered so that you can access it for water or maintenance.

Once the tank is covered, fill the tank with water in accordance with the septic tank manufacturers’ instructions. Do not over fill it because this could cause the tank to burst.

When the septic system is in place, you can sprinkle a bit of grass seed to help landscape the area. Make sure you mark where the system is located as well as the field bed in case there are issues in the future and repairs are needed.

Installing a septic system should only be done by people with experience. If you are concerned that you may cause damage, enlist the services of a professional.